Update on “Lovely Grace” needlepoint

It’s been a very very hot night in Melbourne. While warm, hot weather is nice at times it’s not great for bushfires and for sleeping. The fans have been on all night but the house is still stuffy and hot. It was hard to sleep. So instead I woke early and progressed with my “Lovely Grace” needlepoint.

A few posts ago Grace appeared as a watercolor painting. Last weekend I transferred Grace from paper to canvas. I drew a rough sketch of her face on 10 count mono canvas. I think I should have used 14 count instead to allow for more detail in the face. The alternative would have been to draw a larger face. Never mind I will find a way of defining the nose. The stitch is simple “tent” stitch.

Her mouth is a little too dark and needs more work. As for the eyes I am not happy with them right now either and will change them over the weekend. While I am happy with how the design is developing there is more work to be done.

This is the joy of creating with needlepoint. I love being able to explore and work with images, canvas and wool. To create something from nothing but an idea in my head. It’s so liberating not having to “color within the lines” as my father used to say. It’s lovely to expand and broaden and make mistakes along the way.  Sometimes allowing a design to develop as you go along can create something special. It’s the creative journey that counts. The expression of an idea. It’s unpredictable. It’s fluid.


How do you experiment with needlepoint or cross stitch? Do you try something of your own that does not come from a magazine or pattern. Do you dare to try? I dare you :)

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