Cross stitch Kazuko Aoki pansies

Spring is finally here !  After a very long and cold, wet winter in Melbourne the sun is now shining again and we are all so relieved.

The forget me nots are growing in the garden.  It’s so nice to see their little blue faces pop up to greet the sun.  Aren’t they just gorgeous ?  Thought you might like them too.

With Spring in the air it is time to start stitching again.  I have decided to create a pillowcase with cross stitch pansies.  The cross stitch chart comes for Kazuko Aoki a wonderfully talented cross stitch designer from Japan.  I love her designs.  They are delicate, sweet and beautiful.

The blog “All the beautiful things” stitched up the pansies as a full chart.  The chart with all those glorious pansies is stunning.

I am stitching Kazuko’s pansies on 32 count white Belfast Linen using DMC cotton floss.  Here are the results so far.  I have not finished the centre of the pansy yet but the flower is taking shape.

I have stitched the Mauve pansy using the following colors;

  1. DMC – Dark Mauve – 210
  2. DMC – Light Mauve – 211
  3. DMC – Green – 471

The happy cheerful yellow pansy colours are;

  1. DMC – Yellow – 726
  2. DMC – Yellow – 445
  3. DMC – Yellow – 725

You could use Anchor cottons instead of DMC but you will need to convert the colours using a conversion chart which are available through your local embroidery store or in various places if you look on-line.

Will stitch some more this week and hopefully, all going well the pansies will be finished by the weekend.

The cross stitch chart is in Kazuko Aoki’s book “Wildflower Garden” and it is available in selected shops around the world.  I am currently trying to buy some to stock for the Gingham Red Shop and will let you know as soon as it arrives.

What you stitching right now ?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you next week !

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