What’s chicken scratch embroidery

What on earth is chicken scratch embroidery you might ask? Well, its a form of cross stitch that is done on gingham fabrics usually with white thread. The end result looks a little like lace.

Being mad about gingham fabric I thought I would try this form of embroidery on the weekend. I made a small pin cushion. It was lots of fun and was easy and quick to stitch.

The simple design I created used three stitches – The Double Cross Stitch, Running Stitch and Woven Circle Stitch. There is a fabulous tutorial showing detailed instructions on each stitch together with the photos at “Stitch School”. I realise it’s probably not the most popular form of embroidery right now but what was once old becomes new again?



In the meantime whatever forms of stitching you enjoy, remember to be happy today.:)

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