Why do bloggers stop blogging?

There are millions of blogs. Everyone who has access to a computer can set up a blog in a few minutes. The internet is awash with millions of voices all sharing their own unique story.

Amongst the internet “noise” are blogs that take your breath away. The bloggers behind these blogs are talented “famous” bloggers who have become household names. Their talent and beauty shines through their words and perfectly curated photographs. They create online communities of loyal followers anxious to leave  comments on each and every blog post.

Over the years I have followed a number of these “famous bloggers”. Then one day after years of blogging, they suddenly stop. In most cases, there is no final blog post telling their audience that they will no longer blog or where they are going to next. There is no goodbye, only silence.

Many of these bloggers have moved onto new and exciting projects. Some have written and published books, others are teaching and working freelance for magazines.

Interestingly most of these bloggers are now on Instagram. This has left me wondering. Why do they continue to share their beautiful images on Instagram but don’t blog anymore?

I applaud the success of these “famous” bloggers. I admire their talent and congratulate them on their next ventures. I would however have liked to say goodbye and thank you. I miss reading their blog posts every week. I especially miss their beautiful photographs of gorgeous interiors, paintings, works of art and breathtaking flower arrangements.

Some of the famous bloggers who have stopped blogging include Jeannette Lunde from By Fryd, Lesley Shewring from A Creative Mint, Anna Spiro from Absolutely Beautiful Things and Koralee from Blue Bird Notes. All the photos on this blog post belong to and have been created by the bloggers I am profiling below.  To see more of their blogs and photos click on each of the headings below.


Blogged on By Fryd from January 2008 until February 2015 – 7 years

Jeanette lives in south of Norway with her husband and two girls. She finds beauty in most everything and inspiration as she goes along. She says her “style” is her. She blogged about flowers, her daughters, interior design and her life in general.

In January 2008 Jeanette posted her first blog post.  Seven years later Jeannette said goodbye to her audience in a final blog post posted in February 2015.

In 2012 she won “Interior Talent” of the year for the magazine Elle Decoration. Now she works freelance for magazines, both in Norway and abroad. She makes her own e-magazine BY FRYD,. Jeanette also taught at BYW 2.0 for Holly Becker at Decor8.


Blogged on Creative Mint from April 2009 until September 2014 – 6 years

Lesley lives with her family in Vancouver Island, Canada where she grew up. She started her blog, A Creative Mint, to share and store her little projects and photographs. She is interested in all aspects of design, from collage and watercolors to architecture and cooking!

Leslie has a degree in Architecture and Interior Design but never practiced either. Immediately after finishing school she had the opportunity to team up with a manufacturing and distributing company. In collaboration with them she developed, designed and did packaging direction for lots of products sold in many of the major retailers in North America.

Leslie’s mother is Japanese and that comes through in her paintings and photographs. She used to produce a “color me pretty” post for Holly Becker’s Decor8 blog. I used to look forward to those posts so much.

A Creative Mint blog was launched in April 2009 and the last blog post was September 2014.  You can still find Leslie’s beautiful images on Instagram.


Blogged on Absolutely Beautiful Things from 2006 until March 2014 – 8 years

Anna established the Absolutely Beautiful Things blog in 2006 so that she could record her inspirations, her thoughts and her work as an Interior Designer. Based in Brisbane, Australia, her store Black & Spiro is always filled with a unique collection of interesting things which she scours the globe to find.  Anna is most passionate about her family, her career, tradition, collecting, flowers, fabric, gardening, colour and quality.

After 8 years of blogging Anna’s last post was on 14 March 2014.

I loved reading Anna’s blog and was inspired by her interior design ideas. Anna has an amazing ability to combine many different styles and textures so it all totally works.

Anna is now on Instagram and she recently release her book “Absolutely Beautiful Things”.



Blogged on Blue Bird Notes from January 2009 until May 2015 – 6 years

Koralee lives in Canada and started her blog in January 2009. Her last blog post was May 2015. Like Leslie and Anna, Koralee can now be found on Instagram.

Bluebird notes was a blog about inspirational quotes accompanied by beautiful photos. Koralee has the gifts of putting just the right quote with the right image coupled with the right lettering.

It was joy to see her latest post in my feed.